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ActivaWrap paper

ActivaWrap paper is an aesthetic and sustainable packing solution. Any customer who receives their product with such elegant wrapping will certainly be satisfied with their cooperation with your company. ActivaWrap paper is one of our many proposals for professional packing. We also offer cardboard boxes, envelopes and special ActivaWrap dispensers to make it much easier to handle ActivaWrap paper rolls.

ActivaWrap paper and its applications

ActivaWrap paper will be useful both in the e-commerce business and in private households. It is one of the most sustainable packing methods because it consists of 100% paper. It was designed to protect various types of products for shipment, including cosmetics, books, bottles or porcelain. If you ship your goods, you have to remember that the first impression is priceless. The package itself can easily be the calling card of your company, which is why you should make sure it looks neat and tidy and is sustainable.

Active Wrap paper is used not only by companies whose business involves the professional shipment of packages but also by many households. That is because of its high resistance to wear and damage. You can also use it to protect products you want to stow away in your closet or utility room. This way, they will be protected from dust or contamination.

High-class ActivaWrap paper from is an online store that has all the packing supplies you could possibly need. One of our proposals, which may be interesting both to companies and private individuals, is ActivaWrap – special sustainable paper on a roll. It is strong and resistant to various kinds of damage that may occur during transport. ActivaWrap paper has the following dimensions: it is 250 m long and 395 mm wide.

The convenient roll with the ActivaWrap paper makes it easier to pack your products quickly. Thanks to the honeycomb structure, the paper is just as effective as bubble wrap – it provides exactly the same level of protection during transport. There is only one difference – our ActivaWrap paper is 100% natural. If you care about the environment, hesitate no more and purchase our packing product. It comes at a very affordable price – find out for yourself!

Environmentally friendly ActivaWrap paper

ActivaWrap paper is fully recyclable. Therefore, it is safe for the environment. It is used mainly to protect various types of products during transport. You might want to consider this innovative solution primarily because of its efficiency, strength and sustainability. Bubble wrap is not a good solution because it is harmful to people and the environment. It is high time we take care of our planet and its future. Start today to make your company greener!

Packing paper – there is only one choice

Looking for packing paper that is strong and resistant to tears? We have a proposal that will certainly meet your expectations regarding quality, appearance and durability. Our ActivaWrap paper is fully safe and can be used to pack your products to make a great first impression on your customers. With our paper, you can rest assured that your customers will be satisfied and, consequently, will order more goods at your online store. It is a good idea to pick this type of paper. Our offering also includes other packaging and accessories that are just perfect for the e-commerce business. Make sure to also check out our adhesive tapes – they are an indispensable item both for businesses and households.

ActivaWrap paper – quality and functionality above all

ActivaWrap paper is an excellent, sustainable solution to pack all kinds of packages. It has many applications. It has hardly been a surprise to us that the interest in this product keeps growing and that it is used in many different ways. Therefore, it is something that an online store like obviously needed to have. ActivaWrap paper combines high quality with a characteristic structure, which is very strong and can be used to correctly protect the package from various types of damage. These are the main contributors to the rising interest in ActivaWrap paper. If you have not yet tried this product, make sure to order some at our store. Our wide range will let you easily find all the high-class articles you need to correctly protect the packages in a neat and tidy way. Call us or send us an e-mail if you have any questions. Our team is there for you!

Looking for packing paper to provide adequate protection for your package? There is only one choice! Choose high-quality ActivaWrap paper at!

ActivaWrap paper

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