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Air bags

With the developing online services, more and more customers start to shop from their homes. However, the purchased goods must be properly packed so that they do not get damaged during travel. This is where we should implement only proven solutions. From the perspective of shop owners, it is also important that the products can be packed quickly. Air bags are products that cannot be overestimated.

What are air bags?

Which parcel filler is the best? The answer is as always: it depends! However, the air bags can often save the situation, and only because of them the goods do not get broken or damaged. Of course, it is impossible to provide a product that will satisfy all sellers and customers.

Air bags are nothing but bags made of polyethylene, which are pre-filled with air. Owing to that, their inflated surface makes for excellent protection and adequately secures the product in transport. Machine inflation of such a filler guarantees that it will work regardless of what goods it is to protect.

How do the air bags work?

How do the air bags work? The machine-inflated polyethylene bags can protect the goods in two ways. The first one is the absorption of different shocks, and the other one is fixing the product in place. Such inflated bags have quite a large volume, so it is easier to fill the entire free space.

At the same time, they have quite an interesting and modern look. Customers will certainly appreciate the care you have put in packing the goods using air bags.

Why are air bags such a good solution?

What makes air bags a very good solution? It turns out that they bring the whole range of benefits. They include versions that can be recycled just like paper chips. Therefore, despite being made of plastic, their environmental impact can be limited. Unlike foams or chips, they are clean. Additionally, they are always valued for an interesting look. Most customers have positive associations towards these bags.

We cannot forget about another advantage of the air bags. As we all know, in e-commerce it is extremely important that the shipped package fits within specified weight limits. Heavy filling may create additional load, which makes it less competitive. On the contrary, air bags are amazingly lightweight. They show excellent parameters when it comes to filling without significantly increasing the weight.

However, we should note that air bags are not suitable for several product categories. These mostly include shipments with a very large weight and sharp edges, which could damage the bags. For such parcels, we should rather use conventional fillers.

Efficient Air Filling System

Our Air Filling System foil is a material that is compatible with the Activa Air machine. It is a state-of-the-art solution designed for inflating the air bags in such a way that they can be optimally used for filling parcels. Its operation can be adjusted to bags of a specific size. Our store offers three different sizes.

With that device, we can take advantage of an important asset of the plastic air bags: they take a very small space when not inflated. We should also add that the foil has no additional imprints. However, it still looks very neat. With such a filling, your store will always make a good impression. But most of all, it is incredibly effective in protecting various goods.

Air bags are an excellent filler that is used in several sizes. It can effectively protect and fix the shipment.

Air bags

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