BoxMarket is an experienced cardboard box manufacturer and online store offering cardboard packaging and other accessories necessary for shipping goods professionally. Our aim at BoxMarket is to ensure that every shipment reaches its addressee intact in functional and attractive packaging.

BoxMarket – A manufacturer of top-quality cardboard boxes

We know just how important first impressions are in the shopping process – and in online sales this starts with the packaging itself. Proof of this can be seen in the unboxing trend which is currently so popular among social media influencers. That’s why we at BoxMarket focus on quality solutions, carefully selecting the right grades of cardboard and offering a range of customisation services for our products. We use the very latest technology to manufacture our top-quality cardboard boxes, and have a highly experienced and proven team of professionals working to deliver them to our customers.

Cartons – A manufacturer for e-commerce

We specialise in packaging tailored to the needs of the rapidly growing e-commerce sector. As a manufacturer of boxes aimed at that sector, we have launched innovative products onto the market, such as FixBox. We understand the specific nature of distribution using modern methods such as parcel lockers (APMs), and we are constantly monitoring changes in this area to make sure that we provide boxes that meet the needs of both online stores and distributors alike. Manufacturers of packaging for online retailers need to keep a close eye on the latest trends in this sector – and here at BoxMarket, we definitely keep our finger on the pulse.

Cardboard boxes – A manufacturer with an extensive offer

We offer cardboard packaging in a wide range of models, sizes and colours, and with a variety of printing options. As a manufacturer of cardboard boxes, we understand, however, that standard proposals, even those with multiple variants, do not always pass the test. That's why we produce cardboard packaging to order, also with the possibility of customised printing, with a guaranteed short turnaround time for individual orders.

Professional cardboard box manufacturer

BoxMarket stands out for the individual approach it adopts to each customer. Drawing on years of expertise, we are able to advise our customers on the best possible solutions. The safe packaging and transportation of your products is a priority for us at BoxMarket. We offer affordable cardboard boxes at competitive prices. BoxMarket is a reputable packaging manufacturer – we take pride in the fact that it’s our satisfied customers that keep coming back to us, not our products.

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