1. The delivery of the Goods is limited to EU countries and takes place at the address indicated by the Customer while placing the Order.

  2. Delivery of the ordered Goods is carried out via:

    - Courier company

    There is a possibility of personal collection of the ordered goods in our store: Box Market, Mazop Group Sp.z o.o ul. Świętego Tomasza 4, 05-808 Parzniew (near Pruszkow), Poland, Poland, Monday to Friday from 8.00 to 16.00, except for public holidays. By picking up the ordered goods in the store, you should pay earlier.

    Delivery costs are as follows: Delivery cost by courier PLN 17 / gross (parcel up to 25kg), each started 25kg costs PLN 17 / gross (table No. 1), pickup plus PLN 5 / gross. Additionally delivery costs will be indicated at the time of placing the Order..

    Courier to 25 kg 0-25 kg 17 PLN tax. incl.
    Courier to 50 kg 25,01 - 50 kg 34 PLN tax. incl.
    Courier to 75 kg 50,01 - 75 kg 51 PLN tax. incl.
    Courier to 100 kg 75,01 - 100 kg 68 PLN tax. incl.
    Courier to 125 kg 100,01 - 125 kg 85 PLN tax. incl.
    Courier to 150 kg 125,01 - 150 kg 102 PLN tax. incl.
    Courier to 175 kg 150,01 - 175 kg 119 PLN tax. incl.
    Courier to 200 kg 175,01 - 200 kg 136 PLN tax. incl.
    Courier to 225 kg 200,01 - 225 kg 153 PLN tax. incl.
    Courier to 250 kg 225,01 - 250 kg 170 PLN tax. incl.
    Courier to 275 kg 250,01 - 275 kg 187 PLN tax. incl.
    Courier to 300 kg 275,01 - 300 kg 204 PLN tax. incl.
    Courier to 300-450 kg 300,01 - 450 kg 221 PLN tax. incl.
    Courier to 450-600 kg 450,01 - 600 kg 238 PLN tax. incl.
    Courier to 600-5000 kg 600,01 - 5000 kg 255 PLN tax. incl.

  3. The time of delivery is Orders placed at 12.00, from Monday to Friday, are carried out by the shop on the same day, after 12 on the next working day. The time of completion by the carrier is usually max. 1-2 business days.      and counts from the day the Customer sends the Order

  4. Damage to the Product caused during delivery.

    In the case of consumer distance shopping, our Store always bears the risk of accidental damage or loss of goods in transit. If the goods are delivered with obvious damage,      arising during the transport, we kindly ask you to report such a defect to the supplier and contact us as soon as possible. The delay in submitting such a complaint or establishing a contact has no consequences for your statutory      claims and their satisfaction, in particular for your rights under statutory warranty for defects (point VIII of the Regulations). Faster notification of any damage found during transport is our help in investigating our own      claims against the carrier or transport insurer.

    In the case of a Customer who is not also a Consumer: the risk of accidental damage or loss of the Goods passes from the Online Store to the buyer at the time of entrustment      Goods to the carrier engaged in the carriage of goods of a given type, or designated by the buyer to a person or a courier company.

Prices and payment methods

  1. Commodity prices are given in Polish zlotys and include VAT tax.

  2. The customer can pay a fee by:

    - transfer to a bank account ING: 14 1050 1025 1000 0090 3138 6791
    - cash on delivery - only by courier (additional fee: 5 PLN)
    - payment with PayPal

The order fee is charged after placing the order, unless the customer has ticked the "cash on delivery" option.

The credit card is charged when the order is placed