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Courier foil packs

Given the rapid growth in the e-commerce sector, convenient and secure packaging materials are extremely desirable. Courier foil packs are also appreciated. They allow you to protect the goods against mechanical damage and harmful weather factors. Besides, such packs ensure confidentiality.

Why foil packs?

What should you know about foil packs? Even such courier shipments that have a low weight and size may feature untypical dimensions. In consequence, it may turn out that packing them in a cardboard box is quite dangerous, and taping according to their shape is tiresome and time-consuming. Foil packs are a perfect solution suited for the courier shipments with a low weight and dimensions.

These user-friendly envelopes are appreciated due to their strength, good protection against mechanical damage and water, but also because they ensure a high level of confidentiality. They are made of a thick LDPE film that is not transparent.

Courier foil packs vs. other envelopes

Can I substitute the courier foil packs with other envelopes made of paper or just a conventional foil? Yes, you can, but this will certainly not be the optimum solution. The benefits of the foil packs are obvious, especially when compared to paper packages. Most of all, paper just loses the competition against dedicated packages in virtually any aspect. It does not protect against moisture, and the protection against mechanical damage is very limited. Besides, the foil packs are offered at very attractive prices, which is yet another advantage.

Secure courier foil packs

Dedicated courier foil packs are packages that ensure security. Most of all, they are made of an extremely thick foil that cannot be easily torn apart. Their thickness (50 my) and multi-layered design make them a perfect packaging material for small and unbreakable goods. They are used to ship small cosmetics in plastic containers or tubes, but also pillow cases, blankets, towels, hats, scarves, books, albums, and the whole range of other items.

However, it turns out that a foil pack can also be used for shipping more sensitive goods. Just place inside an appropriate paper filling or air bag filling. You can expect that your product will be well protected and will reach its destination even after a long journey.

Non-transparent foil packs

Most of these packages are non-transparent foil packs. Why do we actually choose a foil that prevents seeing what is inside the package? Most importantly, we normally do not want anyone to know the contents. It is enough that they are known to the sender and recipient. Confidentiality is something that many people care about, which is completely understandable. Modern foil packs satisfy that requirement.

How to prepare a foil pack for shipment?

How do we prepare foil packs for shipment? In fact, it is difficult to give any particular advice. It is mainly about choosing an envelope with a size appropriate for the dimensions of the shipment. Besides, it is just enough to place it inside and close tightly. It is that airtight closure that is one of the most important things in such courier envelopes.

Foil packs designed for packing parcels of different sizes

How big foil packs do you need for your parcels? Fortunately, the range is wide, and anyone will find something suitable. The smallest envelopes are 190x250 mm in size. The largest ones are as big as 790x690 cm. There are also many other sizes in between.

Can such foil packs be good?

Does the low price of foil packs go along with proper quality? Yes, of course! This type of packaging is generally quite cheap. It reduces the expenses made on packaging your products. Additionally, the larger is your order for the foil packs, the lower is the unit price per envelope. This is worth considering when buying the packs.

Foil packs are a modern and very efficient way of packaging. They will be perfect for packing small goods with an irregular or flattened shape.


Courier foil packs

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