Die-cut boxes, small color print

Die-cut boxes, small color print – STAND OUT FROM THE COMPETITION 

Die-cut boxes are frequently used by retail clothing vendors, haberdashers, drugstores and many other companies selling online. Their main advantages are an aesthetic appearance and ease of folding. With just a few simple moves the box is ready for shipment. So if you're looking for durable, secure and visually appealing cardboard boxes, you've come to the right place. The Boxmarket.eu online store offers perfect tailor-made packaging, regardless of your business profile.

Our product assortment now includes die-cut boxes with small color print

Die-cut boxes with small color print are classic cardboard boxes with the option of printing a selected pattern on them, including your logo. Thanks to this solution, your company's logo will be visible the moment the addressee receives the package. In the case of small-color printed boxes, the print may not exceed 20% of the entire surface of the box. But it makes no difference whether you order the print in black or color (the number of colors does not affect the price).

A new version of your box:

Your brand on the box – you can print your logo, advertising slogan, www address, contact info and QR code. Accentuate your brand on the shipping package before the recipient even sees your product. 

Advertising – Your box is the first thing your customer will see. Take advantage of this space to promote your products.

Customer relations – Surprise your customers with funny text, icons or graphics. Establish a relationship with the customer by evoking positive emotions when they open your box.

In our online store, die-cut boxes with small color print are available in two color variants: white on the outside and brown on the inside, and brown both outside and inside.

Please download the appropriate mesh to design your box.

After placing your order, please send your box design to: info@boxmarket.eu

We can design your box for you. This service costs EUR 25 (price includes VAT) and takes 5 business days.

Die-cut boxes, small color print

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