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Fix Box security inserts

All Fix Box products are made from a unique film with very high flexibility and tear resistance. One of the types of fixbox packaging are inserts. It is a packaging that allows you to secure any product in the box.

When using our inserts, no additional fillers or protective packaging’s have to be used.

The advantage of the Fixbox inserts is their versatility (they fit every shape), their simple operation and the small storage space.

The inlays available in our shop are matched in size to the Sendbox F703 available in our shop.

MS250 - Sendbox S15 230x160x80

MS400 and MS300 - Sendbox S35 and S40 310x230x110310x230x160 - the insert MS400 has an adjustable height

MS500 - Sendbox S50 345x256x130

Of course, the inlays can also be bought separately. You can order suitable folding boxes (Fefco 201) from any corrugated cardboard on our customized cardboard manufacturer.


Fix Box security inserts

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