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Flatboxes – flat boxes opened on the side

For several years now, we have been observing a rise in the popularity of courier services. More and more people engage in online sales. The packages you send should be appropriately protected during transport to reach the addressee intact. If you are looking for robust packaging, check out the offer of our online store. One of the items we offer are Flatboxes opened on the side. They are a response to the needs of the market, particularly the e-commerce business. What makes them special and are they worth it? You can find out in the paragraphs below. Read on!

What is a Flatbox?

A Flatbox is a flat box opened on the side. It is the perfect response to the growing demand of the e-commerce business, but that’s not all. Such packaging is also sought out by private individuals. Flatboxes have special adhesive strips placed on both sides of the box. This means that there is no need to use adhesive tape. One side of the box has a special perforation used to open the box without any risk of damaging the content.

Cardboard Flatboxes offered at our online store are a guarantee of secure shipment. We offer three different packaging sizes: 130x48x220, 230x75x330 and 300x75x400 mm. They are available at affordable prices and can be sent to you within 48 hours.

How to pick the right box for the product?

At the online store, we offer high-quality boxes available in different sizes to make sure you can easily find the right model. Examples include cardboard Flatboxes in three variants.

Have you ever bought a box that simply fell apart when you were using it to pack your product or that was crushed during transport? With us, you’re safe! The boxes we offer are resistant to various kinds of mechanical damage that often happen during transport. In addition to Flatboxes, our online store also offers boxes with tear strip and digital print. They are a very popular option. Come and explore all the items we have to offer!

Flatboxes – the perfect choice for your company

Cardboard Flatboxes are a solution that can protect the items you are sending during transport. Their advantages include a neat and tidy appearance and easy assembly. All it takes are a few simple moves to make the package ready for shipment. This significantly facilitates the work of the people who prepare the packages. That is why Flatboxes continue to enjoy unwavering popularity. If you operate a business and are in need of packaging that can appropriately protect your package during transport, you’ve come to the right place. Look no more! The offer of includes boxes that meet your expectations and match your business profile.

Flat boxes for shipping for your online store

Various-sized boxes are a must-have at any online store. Pick boxes that meet your expectations – not just in terms of quality but also with respect to price. The latter aspect is very important. Choose boxes with outstanding strength and a neat and tidy appearance. At the online store, we offer flat boxes as well as made-to-measure boxes. We have prepared a special creator to let you determine the specific type of box you need. This is a very good option when you are looking for boxes with specific dimensions or non-standard solutions.

High-class Flatboxes opened on the side from

If you are looking for packaging made of durable cardboard, make sure to check out the offer of our online store. Our range includes many different items that will meet your expectations. We are quite confident of this. Cardboard Flatboxes will enable you to pack your items in a functional and aesthetic way so that they reach the addressee intact. Goods protected with high-class packaging will certainly make a good first impression on the customer, which is very important in online sales. In addition to the boxes, we also offer packing machines. If you operate an online store that keeps growing and expanding its business, you will certainly need such equipment. It will improve working efficiency and reduce the time until delivery. Contact us if you have any questions or doubts. We will help you pick the best solution for your company.

Flatboxes opened on the side are absolutely indispensable in the e-commerce business. They will certainly fulfil all your expectations. Check out our offer!


Flatboxes – flat boxes opened on the side

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