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Packaging Paper Wrappak

Take care of nature by choosing organic products. In addition, make sure that the wrapped product is interesting and extraordinary protected. Be trendy and Eco - and the client will appreciate it.

Wrapping the product in a "honeycomb" is a very interesting solution and very effective for the customer.

The WrapPak device consists of 2 elements:

  • silky wrapping paper / otherwise smooth tissue paper (30.5 cm wide, tissue paper 22 g / m2.) to protect the surface of the object, and

  • perforated kraft paper (width 50.8 cm, kraft paper 80 g / m2).

By stretching, it will get the shape of a bee patch, thanks to which it suppresses the impact force and fixes the object in the packaging.

WrapPak is a small device recommended mainly to small shops or stands.

The device is easy to assemble, it can be placed virtually anywhere, does not require electricity and is disposable. 

Supplied with a metal hook and double-sided tape for secure attachment to the work surface.

One dispenser produces as much filling as 2 rolls of bubble wrap with a length of 50 m!

Packaging Paper Wrappak

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