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Paper Box

Interesting and useful solutions don’t have to be an outcome of long tests. They also don’t require any advanced components. The best example is Paper Box. This combination of rolled paper and a convenient dispenser may become a great ally in fighting against an excessive number of goods to be packed.

How does Paper Box work?

What actually should kraft paper be like? That material does not have to look nice, but it must be functional. It is important, however, that it is suitable for packing different things, ensuring a high level of safety. It is also well seen if the product is ecological. Some companies use fragments of used foil to pack their products or fill their parcels, but this becomes more and more irritating to the customers. Such materials are not only harmful to the environment but also virtually useless later on. The kraft paper clearly stands out in this respect.

Paper filler with dispenser

It turns out, however, that a paper filler can be as functional as never before. Why? It all comes down to the extremely convenient dispenser, which is also made of hard recyclable cardboard. The device is in fact incredibly simple, but it minimizes the time spent on packing. This is something completely different than relying on manual work, scissors and glue.

The device is simple, cheap and easy to use. It requires no connection to power supply or any other source of energy. The operator does not need any training, as operation is extremely safe and easy. It is also recyclable after use.

Rolled kraft paper? Excellent solution!

Rolled kraft paper with a handy yet ecological dispenser is a very good idea. It is used in big enterprises as well as in small companies. In the former case, it is worth buying more rolls with dispensers. But if you don’t have many employees, Paper Box will also be an excellent solution. It may significantly relieve your personnel, who have many other duties than just packing.

In addition, the parcel kraft paper is very efficient. A single roll contains 205 m of paper being 38 cm in width. This dimension allows you to use the Paper Box to wrap most typical shipments. We should add that a good practice is to buy more Paper Boxes. If you order more than three rolls, you can get an attractive discount. Of course, the more rolls you buy, the lower will be the unit price.

Ecological recovered kraft paper

What are the benefits of using recovered kraft paper? The obvious one is that it is an appreciated solution that supports ecology. It does not generate any waste containing plastics or other substances that are difficult to recycle. Just the opposite: it is already recycled, which is definitely an advantage.

Secure paper filler

Paper filler is beyond doubt a very important material that protects the inside of a package that is a bit too large. Its asset is that it can easily be crumpled or rolled up, and then it may serve as a filler with very good parameters.

Paper parcel filler. What else should you know?

The Paper Box parcel filler is a tool that is perfectly suited for e-commerce. It combines innovation with simplicity. With such accessories, you can not only save time but also implement products that are friendly to the environment.

That solution will be perfect for companies that follow the zero-waste approach, for example boutiques or stores offering accessories or home decors. With kraft paper, you can secure not only clothes placed in cartons but also books and other rectangular items.

The Paper Box kraft paper is a combination of recycled material with interesting solutions. It greatly speeds up the packing!


Paper Box

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