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SENDBOX F427 with flexographic print

Sendbox F427 packaging with flexographic printing comes in the form of flat boxes with a self-sealing strip, allowing for safe and simple sealing (without the use of adhesive tape). They are perfect for the e-commerce industry. Flexographic printing on Sendbox F427 boxes is included in the price of the packaging, and so is the polymer necessary for printing. The printing is placed on the top flap of the box, in black, in the area not exceeding 20% of the cardboard surface. Sendbox F427 packaging with flexographic printing comes in four standard sizes, in the following colours:

     brown - due to the colour of the paper, some colours of the printing on brown cardboard may have different shades,

     white - in this colour version we use white coated cardboard, i.e. glossy paper.

Mailer boxes with flexographic printing and a self-sealing strip

For years we have been observing an ever growing demand for mailer boxes with flexographic printing. This is mostly visible in the e-commerce industry, as customers’ reviews of received products are particularly important there. Mailer boxes with a self-sealing strip and an easy-to-open tear strip are therefore a comprehensive solution for the companies carrying out the orders. From their point of view, the more appealing the packaging looks, the greater the chance that the ordered goods will also meet the customer's expectations. The box, equipped with everlasting glue, can be sealed effortlessly. This is why this type of box is so popular.

Exceptional mailer boxes with printing by BoxMarket

BoxMarket is a Polish producer of mailer boxes with flexographic printing. BoxMarket uses only the highest quality materials and most advanced technology available. Our mailer boxes with printing come in different sizes, colours, and with various designs of the printing. This service is of great importance as it allows you to personalize your product. Thanks to it, we can be absolutely sure that the gift, packed in such an original way, will be remembered for a long time. BoxMarket also offers mailer boxes with printing produced following the latest trends. This solution is often used in eco boxes. Opening them does not require the use of a knife or scissors and does not damage the goods inside.

We can print anything you want on your mailer box

We offer high-quality printing on the packaging. You can easily place your company logo on your box, or thank the customer for choosing your product. This will definitely add a nice touch and encourage your customers to continue shopping in your online store, making your brand stronger and more recognizable. Printing is included in the price of the box, and performed upon your request. You decide and choose the design of the printing, adjusting it to your individual needs. Our mailer boxes with flexographic printing are very neat and tasteful, but most importantly - they are best at what they are supposed to be doing - making your shipped items safe. Interesting fact - flexographic printing is characterized by quick drying and a flexible form.

To be clear: coated white cardboard is glossy paper, white also inside. When printing on brown cardboard, please take into account that some colours may have a slightly different shade due to the colour of the paper.

Please download the appropriate mesh to design your box.


SENDBOX F427 with flexographic print

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