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Sendbox packaging (f703) - with an automatically folding bottom

Sendbox F703 packaging with an automatically folding bottom are cardboard boxes intended primarily for e-commerce. They are especially popular in the clothing industry, where both safety and aesthetics of the shipment play an important role. Their great look and security was achieved by using a self-sealing strip inside, thanks to which they can be tightly sealed without the use of adhesive tape. Sendbox F703 packaging with an automatically folding bottom can also be easily opened using an easy-to-open tear strip. The automatically folding bottom translates into the speed of packing. The boxes are available in 10 standard sizes, adapted to popular methods of transport and distribution. 

Why boxes with an automatically folding bottom?

Whenever fast, manual packing of heavy or delicate products is necessary, boxes with an automatically folding bottom with a self-sealing strip will help you save time and money. Such sendbox packaging is perfect for online stores or warehouses. It is especially valued in shipping small electronic components, small electronics and household appliances. Boxes with an automatically folding bottom can be folded much faster than other types of packaging, making them an extremely practical solution for busy locations where time is an important factor. They have numerous advantages, such as:

  • Automatically folding bottom;
  • The bottom has a self-sealing strip, which ensures the high durability of the packaging, helping to better protect the product during transport;
  • Protection against the product slipping out of the packaging because of its weight - the bottom of the box with an automatically folding bottom is extremely durable;
  • Facilitated packing which helps to save time;
  • Top flap ensuring easy opening of the package without the risk of damaging the product inside;
  • Convenient opening thanks to the tear strip - no scissors needed
  • Large area for shipping information;
  • Possible advertising printing on each side of the packaging;
  • Inexpensive to produce - made of cardboard, which helps to save on shipping the product to the customer;
  • Space-saving - can be stored unfolded in stacks, folding only takes a moment;
  • They do not require any additional materials to secure and tightly seal the bottom of the box.

The online store offers a wide selection of boxes with an automatically folding bottom suitable for shipping small electronic parts, cosmetics, medicine, metal products, utility items, tobacco products, dietary supplements and other small items.


Sendbox packaging (f703) - with an automatically folding bottom

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