Wet Tape Dispenser Manual

GummedTapeGT1 device

GummTape devices use a hydroelectric tape. Its advantages are:

     The gummed paper tape is made of very strong Kraft paper, coated with glue of vegetable origin
     After gluing to the cardboard, the paper tape forms one structure, thanks to which it perfectly protects the goods shipped in the cardboard
     Paper tapes for wet gluing are available without reinforcements and with string reinforcements
     The tape is fully ecological and can be recycled together with the cardboard packaging
     Sealing cardboard boxes with paper tape with glue is a perfect solution for securing cardboard with products, among others. against theft
     Paper tapes stuck to the glue on the cardboard will leave a visible trace if you try to remove it


The minimum purchase order quantity for the product is 1.

Price for 1pcs. :
199,00 zł
199,00 zł
Tax excluded