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Solid board envelopes

The development of e-commerce greatly affected the demand for various types of packaging. The fact that we ship different goods induced the manufacturers to specialize. Sometimes even quite a flat product requires stiffening and protection. Solid board envelopes guarantee both. Please note that they are also environmentally friendly. By purchasing them, you act for the benefit of the environment.

Why are the board envelopes a good idea?

Board envelopes are undoubtedly those packages that are very often used for courier shipments. The whole e-commerce sector is about sending the goods in such a way to minimize any possible loss. Thus, it is worth buying such packages that are suited for the goods shipped. This is the point of view of the seller.

However, risk mitigation is also in the interest of the buyer. How do we know that? Nobody likes it when a product or an important document arrives already damaged. This also applies to those shipments which are flat. In this case, we cannot use such protection as paper filling. So board envelopes are the perfect solution.

Ecological carton envelopes

Customer preferences should also be taken into account. These have been evolving towards care for the environment. The use of ecological carton envelopes may be not only objectively right but also very well received. We should also invest in such solutions which make ecology something more than only an empty phrase. Best-quality products are produced with the aim to care for sustainable forestry. This is proven by the FSC certificate.

Functional carton envelopes

What else is important for carton envelopes? We should make sure that such accessories are functional. It is true that cardboard will not protect the shipment against a strong exposure to moisture, but is it really such an important factor? Normally the time from dispatch to delivery is quite short. Even if the shipment is exposed to rain, for example, the exposure is normally incidental and short in time. Therefore, maybe it is worth buying ecological carton envelopes instead of foil packs, which are difficult to recycle?

At the same time, the carton envelopes can be really functional. This is mostly about whether they have an effective adhesive strip. The substance that sticks the envelope together must be strong enough to prevent accidental opening. Besides, it is very convenient if such accessories feature a tear strip. It allows you to open the envelope with just one move. The cardboard itself must also be of good quality in order to be difficult to damage. It is responsible for protecting the goods placed inside.

Aesthetic courier cardboard envelopes

What else is important for courier cardboard envelopes? Despite being practical and ecological, they must also look good. Obviously, we are all used to the fact that cardboard envelopes have the characteristic brown color. But they can look differently. They are also available in white version, which looks much better. These envelopes will be suitable if the shipment is to reach the recipient in a bit more elegant form. You can also buy colored envelopes.

Cardboard envelopes. What else should we know about them?

What else should we know about cardboard envelopes? Most of all, it is very important that such packages are available in a number of different sizes. The smallest ones are 250 mm long, 175 mm wide and 25 mm high. The biggest ones are much more capacious. Their dimensions are 430x580x25 mm. It is worth buying a large batch of these products. Obviously, if your order is large, you can get a discount.

Solid board envelopes are cheap and ecological. They also very well protect the contents of your shipment.


Solid board envelopes

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