Warning labels

Warning labels are more and more often used as an additional protection of a shipment against damage during transport. Although they do not physically strengthen the packaging or protect it in any way from damage, they allow for the proper labelling of a package that requires special care, thus minimizing the risk of unwanted interference from the outside. They provide a clear instruction for the courier on how to handle the shipment. 

Benefits of using warning labels

The use of warning labels makes the carrier aware of what kind of goods they are dealing with. Our offer includes two types of labels: "Top" and "Fragile, handle with care".

  • The "Top" label allows you to clearly and legibly mark the position in which the package should be transported, so that its contents do not move inside the packaging in an uncontrolled manner.
  • The "Fragile, handle with care" label is a clear signal for the carrier to handle the shipment with special care, as its contents can easily break or shatter. This type of sticker can be used not only for shipments containing glass, but also on other fragile items (e.g. electronics).
  • Clear, white and red patterns on glossy paper are clearly visible from a distance, while simple markings are recognizable all over the world.
  • The print is permanent and does not come off.
  • The labels are delivered in sheets that allow you to conveniently apply them whenever needed.
  • Strong glue allows the labels to be firmly attached without the risk of detaching during transport.

It is worth using warning labels in your company to improve the quality of customer service and to minimize the risk of problems resulting from the delivery of damaged goods. The safety of the shipment depends not only on the carrier, but also to a large extent on the way the shipment is packed. Warning labels allow you to easily and quickly improve the quality of shipping services. It is important to place the warning labels in a place where the carrier can easily see it, and it is best to do so on different sides of the package.

Warning labels

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