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White bubble envelopes

Multipurpose bubble envelopes for shipping items safely. The inside of the envelope is made of high-quality bubble wrap ensuring a high level of protection for the shipped goods. Moreover, the bubble envelopes have a self-adhesive strip allowing the shipment to be packed quickly and easily without the need to use adhesive or adhesive tape. In addition, a big advantage of the envelopes are special holes that allow them to be closed several times or to put a seal on for transport. The envelopes also have flaps with cut edges that prevent them from hooking onto other packaging during transport and from slow opening. Everyone who knows the AirPro envelopes will appreciate that their design is much better compared to unbranded envelopes, and that they are made of more durable paper and thicker bubbles.

Bubble envelopes

When sending given goods to the recipient, each of us wants to make sure it does not suffer any damage on the way. That is why so many people use bubble envelopes, which can guarantee a high level of security for the items transported inside – regardless of their type. The advantage of the products available in our range is also their characteristic size diversity. It makes it easier for customers to find bubble envelopes tailored for specific products.

With us, you can buy bubble envelopes in any quantity.

The advantages listed in the introduction are not the only ones that make bubble envelopes stand out.The size of such envelopes and their effectiveness in protecting individual products are very important, but it is also important to be able to obtain the proposed articles at an affordable price and in very large quantities, which we can guarantee to each of our clients. When you familiarize yourself with the prepared offer, you will quickly notice how many different models are available at when it comes to bubble envelopes.Wholesale or retail – no matter what quantity of envelopes you decide to purchase, you can be sure that you will not have to dig deeper into your pockets. So if you want to be able to pack a given product in a way that makes it least likely to be damaged or completely destroyed on its way to the recipient, bet on bubble envelopes. With dimensions ranging from 24-370 mm in length and 35-480 mm in width, you will find one in which you can easily place the goods your customer has ordered. – a manufacturer of bubble envelopes in various sizes

As a manufacturer of bubble envelopes, we have noticed that our customers appreciate them also due to their self-adhesive strip, which makes sealing much easier and faster. The fact there is no need for glue or tape is especially appreciated by all those who prepare dozens or even hundreds of different types of articles for shipment every day. The transported items are even less likely to be damaged because the risk of hooking onto other packaging during transport and of slow opening is reduced. This is caused by the specially cut corners of the bubble envelope flaps. Where to buy them in any quantity and without having to leave home? As we mentioned earlier – only at!


White bubble envelopes

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