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Brown bubble envelopes — an economical and safe format for packing small objects

As a manufacturer of various types of shipping packages, we made sure that our product portfolio includes bubble envelopes. They are an ideal option for all those who need good protection for the transport of fragile and small items. You can put jewelry, various handicrafts or small everyday items such as phone cases or CDs in them. Above all, brown bubble envelopes are practical yet economical and aesthetic. Made of good-quality materials, they are highly resistant to damage. The bubble wrap inside our envelopes ensures excellent protection of their contents. It superbly cushions packages during transport and prevents permanent damage to items. This pack type will generate noticeable savings for your company, as it’s a much cheaper solution than cartons or boxes. This is highly important to our clients who run their own businesses. Moreover, brown envelopes are noteworthy for their minimalist and ecological design, which plays a greater role nowadays.

Learn the advantages of our brown bubble envelopes

In addition to the basic advantages listed above, our brown bubble envelopes also feature high resistance to UV radiation. This is important when cosmetics of all kinds are shipped in them. The envelopes’ flat surface enables shipping labels to be neatly affixed to them. This is extremely important for shipping companies, because scanning parcel codes is much easier when code stickers are not crumpled or bent. Brown bubble envelopes have a built-in adhesive strip, which makes it extremely quick and easy to pack things. The adhesive strip is particularly appreciated by clients who ship in bulk, as they do not need to use additional tools, such as scissors and scotch tape, to prepare shipments efficiently and aesthetically. The time savings provides substantial added value. Brown bubble envelopes do not take up much space, even if you order lots of them. This is one of the most important advantages of this pack type. Couriers as well as business owners pay attention to it – it’s much easier to find the space needed to store envelopes than cartons or boxes.

Envelope sizes that fit your needs perfectly

Our broad product portfolio is divided into:

  • large brown bubble envelopes — maximum internal length 370 mm, internal width 480 mm,
  • small brown bubble envelopes — minimum internal length 120 mm, internal width 175 mm.

Brown bubble envelopes and white bubble envelopes are available in ten different sizes. The most popular among them is the A4 brown bubble envelope. However, are clients value having a range of sizes to choose from. The variety of envelope sizes guarantees almost perfect adaptation of the shipping package to whatever is placed in it. This is another major advantage of our bubble envelopes, as it enables elimination of unused space inside the package. This is important for our planet. Reducing the amount of waste your company generates is a reason to be proud and an expression of corporate social responsibility. If pro-ecological behavior is particularly important to you, be sure to check out our corrugated cardboard envelopes.

Buying wholesale will benefit your company’s bottom line

With our clients’ financial interests in mind, all envelopes offered via the online store are sold in packs that hold between 50 and 200 brown envelopes, depending on envelope size. When placing an order online, you put one pack or a multiple thereof in your basket. This ensures not only that your company will save money, but your accounting department will save time and effort.

Do not delay and take a closer look at our rich product portfolio. Join the thousands of satisfied clients who have trusted us. Make your business even more profitable.

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Brown bubble envelopes

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