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Wrappak packing paper

Functionality and good look combined? Our Wrappak packaging paper with wrapping equipment is a perfect solution designed for small shops and retail points. You don’t have to pack everything in the bubble foil, which is then thrown into the bin. There are other solutions, which are much better. They can easily be called ecological.

Why should you choose the Wrappak?

The use of Wrappak has one principal benefit: the product can be used as a bubble foil, at the same time being entirely friendly to the environment. Both perforated paper and white blotting paper are suitable for recycling. In addition, the dedicated manual converter makes the packing of goods incredibly easy. This is obviously beneficial to the enterprise which decided to invest in that solution.

Why is Wrappak so innovative?

Above all, we are talking about a component of a very interesting system. It consists of a device and two types of paper. Each of them can be used for packing a different type of goods. Geami WrapPak helps you take a flexible approach to packing. It is fitted with a metal hook that facilitates hanging the roll. The 3D paper wrapped on the roll is aesthetic and looks like a honeycomb.

However, it turns out that the Wrappak not only looks interesting but can also ensure good protection. This is because the product is tightly wrapped with paper. An important factor that can drive investment in the Wrappak is not only its good look and the saving of time but also the ecological nature of the device. It is biodegradable, just like the rolls of packing paper.

Elegant notched packing paper

Why should you invest in notched packing paper? Certainly biodegradable fillings and paper packages have a lot of supporters, most of whom show a great care for the environment. Of course, there will also be critics of such materials, who will raise that they don’t look very nice. The benefit of notched packing paper is that it is difficult to call it unaesthetic.

Just the opposite: this type of packaging or filling is very well associated. Additionally, it is something new on the market. Thus we can often count on the novelty effect and that such a practical innovation will attract the customers. The grammage (80 g/m2) and width (50.8 cm) are specially selected so that the paper is suitable for packing. Its honeycomb structure perfectly stabilizes the wrapped item and absorbs any impact.

Conventional one-color packing paper

There is also nothing against fitting the device with a roll of conventional white blotting paper. It can be used along with the Kraft paper. As customer preferences can vary, it is worth having an alternative. In addition, the silky and delicate blotting paper, 30.5 cm wide, is perfect for protecting the product surface against scratching, for example.

Rolled packing paper. What else should we know about it?

Rolled packing paper and the related device is a perfect choice where the packing process must be quick but the packaging must adequately protect the product and create a nice visual effect. Invoice pouches will be of much help here. 

Please note that this solution is completely safe and easy to use. The person using the system at their workstation does not have to be trained. The whole process is carried out manually and requires no electricity. Thanks to that paper packaging, you can get rid of sticky tapes and cutting tools. This is another field where you can save money.

Wrappak is an innovative yet simple solution. It allows you to quickly and aesthetically pack various products.

Wrappak packing paper

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